You work hard. You have goals, dreams, and aspirations. Your honesty and responsibility should earn you the trust that you deserve. Instead, you have been reduced to a number.

That number determines your ability to rent an apartment, to buy a car, to get insurance, or to take out a mortgage. It can even influence whether you get a job.  

We believe you are more than just a number. Try our new credit assessment tool and see how we bring humanity to credit.


A Credit Score Should Be



A government study showed that as many as 40 million Americans have a mistake on their credit report.  One out of five credit reports had an error. 



An individual can have up to 50 different credit scores. It is impossible to keep track or know how a particular action could change your scores.




An estimated 64 million Americans do not have enough credit history for a credit score, even though many of them are capable of making payments.   

Our Take On Credit  

We believe that your credit is too important to be left to the opaque and impersonal ways of the conventional credit scores. Our approach improves your credit assessment in three key ways:

  • We give you control and insight into your score

    Unlike conventional credit scores, we go beyond credit history. To determine your Happy Mango score, we consider your income potential (30%), your spending behavior (30%), your savings (10%), and your trustworthiness (30%).

    We tell your financial story through simple diagrams. You can see clearly what influence your ability to borrow and how different actions may impact your credit.

  • We respect the integrity and privacy of your data

    By securely linking your accounts, we can get a current and complete picture of how you save and spend money. For example, when you spend less than you earn, you boost your Happy Mango score and increase your chance of getting low-interest loans for being financially responsible.

    Because our data come from sources that you trust, they are far more accurate than the third-party reporting system used by the credit bureaus. Without your permisison, we never disclose your information.

  • We create a Trust Bank of people who know you best

    Your Trust Bank contributes 30% of your Happy Mango score. It is made up of people who know you well—friends, family, co-workers—and can vouch for your identity and reliability.

    Members of your Trust Bank are not co-signers or guarantors. They do not have access to your financial account information and are not legally responsible for your loans.


Fresh Credit in 3 Steps


Add your school and work history


Securely connect your  accounts

Add people to your Trust Bank





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