A Fresh Take On Credit


Happy Mango lets you build a whole new credit profile for free. You can then use it to save thousands of dollars.


A number that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars...

Your credit score determines the amount of premium on your car insurance, the security deposits on your apartment, the interest rate on your mortgage, and it can influence whether you get a job.


...should be accurate,

A government study showed that as many as 40 million Americans could have a mistake on their credit report.  One out of five credit reports had an error. 


...should be simple, 

Because credit scoring relies on statistics derived from a large group of individuals, it is impossible to know how a particular action could change one’s credit score.


...should be fair.

Another government study estimated that 68 million Americans lacked credit history for a credit score, even though many of them were capable of making payments.   


You're In Control


Happy Mango uses information supplied by you and the people who know you best. We look at how you actually spend and save money, and we provide a platform for people who really know you to vouch for you publicly.

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