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A New Kind of Credit Score

Simple. Accurate. Secure. 



As an immigrant and small business owner, Jane has had trouble getting traditional bank loans. Happy Mango helps Jane make a case using her cash flows to access a line of credit.


Carlos uses debit cards and hasn't built up much of a credit history. Happy Mango lets Carlos start his credit profile and tap into testimonials from trusted friends to boost his credit. 


Recently divorced, Monica is in charge of her own finances for the first time in years. Happy Mango gives her tools to see her finances at a glance and build credit in her own name. 


More Than Just a Number


Monitor your financial health in realtime and simulate "what if" cash flows


Improve your credit rating, even if you don’t yet have a traditional credit score


Connect with lenders to access loans or lines of credit that work best for you

How It Works