Humanize Credit

Who We Are

Happy Mango is a fast-growing data-technology company that brings innovation to consumer credit risk assessment. Our proprietary system sources reliable data and generates accurate individualized credit assessments. Our team of talented and experienced professionals comes from diverse backgrounds and share the same goal of bringing humanity and transparency to consumer credit. 


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What We Do

Happy Mango provides its individual users with a comprehensive credit assessment that enable them to see their full financial picture and access credit on better terms. We use easy to understand content and feedback to help our users understand their credit and motivate financially responsible behavior. We connect our users to trusted financial institutions that services that promote long-term financial health through a variety of products and services.


Happy Mango also works with financial institutions to broaden their reach in the consumer credit market in a sustainable way. We provide financial institutions with web-based analytics that help them identify desirable customers who make sound credit decisions with expediency and manage risk with clear insight without the limitations of conventional credit scores. Using our platform, financial institutions can expand their customer base while minimizing operating costs and losses.

What we believe


Trust grows from persistently responsible behavior. Real trust has real economic value because it reduces the uncertainty and risk in a transaction.


Everybody has different goals, so financial services and products should be tailored to each consumer’s own objectives and special circumstances.


An individual’s creditworthiness should be judged solely by his or her ability and propensity to make future payments—nothing else.


Good insight needs good information. Accurate and reliable information benefits both consumers and suppliers in the financial market.